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The hotel Ristorante Bar Camaldoli, surrounded by National Park of Casentino’s forests, is located in an ancient outbuilding of the monastery of Camaldoli’s monks dating back to 1100.
Managed continuosly by Tassini’s family boasts a hundred-year-old experience in the world of reception and catering, which originate from the great-great-grandfather Danilo (Danilo Natale Tassini) who already managed with his parents a refreshment stand in Moggiona back in 1860, following he will manage for over 40 years also the Canova of hermitage of Camaldoli’s monks, where the food was strictly meatless.
In 1927 his son, great-grandfather Dante, following the several requests of the piligrims, opens “ il piccolo Chalet Ristorante Camaldoli” near the small pond of the hermitage, where they also ate meat to satisfy the many requests from those who liked it.

In 1930, year when he marries great-grandmother Bruna, he takes under management thanks to the help of the monks, the outbuilding of camaldoli’s monastery and gives life to the Hotel Ristorante Bar Camaldoli which is managed with love and dedication by the Tassini’s family.
With my husband Maurizio and our daughter Elisa, we are the third and fourth generation; everyday we try with our work and our effort to pay tribute to our ancestors; for the ones that are gone, whose memory is in our hearts, and for who is still present, for us inexhaustible source of stories and advices, like uncle Danilo.
My husband pays tribute to his father Silvano, historic memory of Camaldoli, enchanting the customers like a modern ministrel, telling them ancient stories and modern intuitions, giving a little peace of Camaldoli to all of them.
Elisa worthy successor of grandmother Rosanna, welcomes kindly our customers, entertaining them with detailed descriptions of our dishes; delighting them with hers Camaldoli’s schiacciata, she makes it and she also keeps jealously the recipe inherited by grand-mother Bruna, who had been making it for her beloved costumers since 1930.
My tribute to the past is in my dishes, in my kitchen, strictly territorial, every dish has is own history, his own ancient taste, perfectly integrated with modern ingredients.
I like particularly the poorest dishes and at the same time the most ancient, the ones that taste like a mother, like home, like family.
As i’m sure you’ve already guessed, stay at the Hotel Camaldoli or eat in our restaurant means become part of a family, my family. While i’m writing the bread is in the wood-burning oven, spreading in the air an intense perfume, and i already think at the friends that will taste it. If we already know, you know that my kitchen is always open for all of you. And if we don’t know each other, i think this is the right chance to do it.

I’m Maria Pia an with Maurizio and Elisa
I wait for you!