The bar Camaldoli of tassini’s famiy is the oldest of the town; obtained by Count Maldolo’s old dairy, then donated to Camaldoli’s Monks, that where close friends of Tassini’s family so they helped grand-grand father Dante Tassini to open what today is an anchor, together with the schiacceria and the restaurant, for Camaldoli’s community, for Casentino and more.
Bar Camaldoli besides offering the bar service with coffee, appetizers, hot and cold drinks, offers a wide range of pastry for breakfast and snack; thanks to the skills of the bakers, MariaPia and Elisa, who are very careful on the choice of genuine and strictly local products, make treats, from the oldest tradition and also innovative to please a large portion of people.
Breakfast for us is an important moment to start the day in the best way, here you will find lots of home-made products, fragrant and light, made with sourdough.
Our bankers will welcome you with kindness and competence, in a well-kept and welcoming environment where spend your free time listening to good music and eating one of our specialities.
The place has two little rooms confortable (heat in the winter).
In the summer time you will relax eating our goods in the shade of the secular cedar planted by grand-grand father Dante in onour of the opening place in the garden in front of the bar (with a little playground for the children).
Inside the bar you will find a tobacco shop, with a complete selection of tuscany’s cigars and the owner Maurizio Tassini will be happy to give you some advices to buy an amazing cigar!
In Bar Camaldoli you will also find products of Camaldoli’s Monks, made by them for a thousand years.
For exemple chocolates, honey, candies and the popular liquors, the wine “borbotto” an the “passito”, and also a little section of cosmetics and healing herbal teas.
Come to see us, we will welcome you with sympathy and professionalism!